Last week I was back in London for a second short film project with director Freddie Waters. After Dim Sum, which had some budget, we wanted to explore even lower budget production.

Freddie worked with screenwriter Emilia Spencer to adapt three short scenes from a play called LUNGS, by Duncan Macmillan. All shot in one location, we spend 2 days with a tiny crew. The whole piece just has two characters in it, a couple, played by Tom Joyner and Sophia La Porta.

I used the C300 with Zeiss Distagon lenses, and finally got to use the Digital Spitnik DS3 kit I bought last year. Gaffer Milo Cosemans brought two Source-4's and some flags.

As often when working with Freddie, we kept prep very open and flexible, which allowed the ideas for each scene to develop  continuously all the way up till the shoot. One idea I came up with, to deal with the small space of a bathroom, ended up being quite a find; I decided to shoot the whole scene through mirrors, that were never given away by their edges; adding texture to the shot, but mostly creating distance from the camera to the subject. I couldn't think of any reason why it wouldn't work, but still was pretty thrilled to find it does work.

This job once again has shown to me how incredible source-4 lights are. I would be very keen on trying the more powerful Jo-leko variation .

Here are some stills from the scene shot through mirrors - click on them to not have bright white right next to them:

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